"Eeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeen~" the older woman nearly screamed while being full of enthusiasm, "welcome baaaaack~"


Eren turned to her with a big grin. “O-oi, Miss Hanji!” he said, tilting his head to the left. “Thank you, I was extremely tired and I finally got to sleep.” He yawned. “What about you, miss? How are experiments going?” Eren asked with a smile.

The older woman thought for a minute until she turned back to Eren, “I think…it’s a nice thing if i’m not going to cut the tail…i have to confess…i really were a little bit embarassed with the whole dog tail thing, i wanted to get rid of it…but something different came to my mind…it was you Eren" the female scientist paused for a minute to regain some of her breath. She stared right into the titan boy’s eyes, "You see? when you came into my mind, i was reminded what you’re going through…my dog problem ain’t that horrible if i were in your place…you’re having a very big pressure and duty on your shoulders…I never realised that…forgive me.” the older woman now kindly smiled at the younger boy, while giving him a big hug when she had the time to come closer.

Eren blushed against her shoulder. “I….I have never thought about it…but…thanks…" he muttered quietly. He was really surprised because she cared about him. Mostly, only Mikasa and Armin cared about him. "But you still have to get rid off it, Miss. You really don’t have to go through it ‘cause of me!